Basic idea of e-Discovery Team

Litigation attorneys today must not only understand the law and the facts of a dispute, but also their clients’ computer systems and data retention practices. The failure of otherwise excellent trial lawyers in this area has led to some spectacular losses. The change in the Rules, and recent case law, especially Zubulake, have only intensified the problem.

If a company is constantly involved in litigation, it must solve this problem, fast. My solution is the e-Discovery Team.  We are a special group of techno-geek lawyers who help large organizations form internal e-discovery response teams, and serve as national e-counsel to partner with your local counsel and make sure that e-discovery is done right.

This is my Blog, written for e-discovery teams everywhere.

One Response to Basic idea of e-Discovery Team

  1. Hal Morlan says:

    E-discovery is upon us! We can ride the wave or get swamped by it! Thanks for setting up this blog! Ciao! Hal

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