4 Responses to Are Today’s CLE Programs Doomed to Go the Way of the Newspaper?

  1. Ralph Artigliere says:

    Most CLE is taught without regard to adult education standards; i.e., they are lectures. The best education is interactive, allows reflection and audience participation, and gives feedback. That’s why I am on board with your concept, Ralph.

  2. […] This kind of online training program is modeled upon the same give and take and interactions of apprentice programs. It is no substitute for traditional practice based models, but it is a vast improvement over CLEs. See my blog: Are Today’s CLE Programs Doomed to Go the Way of the Newspaper? […]

  3. rewinn says:

    Has your program at been accreditted in any jurisdiction?
    I’d love to publicize it ( http://4freecle.blogspot.com/ ) – it certainly looks very helpful – but need to have at least 1 state offering it credit.

    And of course I agree that your program appears far superior than the standard lecture model. I can’t image the coach in any competitive sport using lectures alone to deliver a winning team.

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