8 Responses to Perspective on Legal Search and Document Review

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  2. Jeffrey Schilling says:

    The cost of $6,000,000 to review 660,000 documents is extraordinary. Assuming the review attorneys doing the work were billed out at $150 an hour that is 40,000 hours of work for a review rate of 16.5 documents per hour. While I do not believe documents per hour is the best metric for determining reviewer efficency, 16.5 documents per hour is incredibly slow.

  3. Mike Rossander says:

    re: Jeffrey Schilling’s comment above. The statistics quoted above are for DoJ “files”, not documents. A file could theoretically consist of a single document but is more likely to consist of dozens or more. Once you expand from files to documents, the rate of review is more reasonable.

    The decision not to allow cost-shifting is less reasonable, in my opinion. Cost-shifting, especially from third-party respondents, is a necessary control to reduce the moral hazard of frivilous or unbalanced demands for documents.

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