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The “AI Ethics” website provides a comprehensive overview of the ethical challenges posed by AI technologies. Issues discussed include the potential benefits and dangers, questions of bias and fairness, privacy and data protection, accountability and transparency, and the potential for AI systems to exacerbate existing societal inequalities. It advocates for private corporations and governments to begin to work together now, in a meaningful way, to quickly develop fair laws for AI regulation and promotion. Here is the header of the home page. Home Page as of July 24, 2023

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  1. Ralph Losey says: is devoted to the protection of all organic life from the dangers of unregulated artificial intelligence.

  2. […] on the ethics of artificial intelligence. See the new web page I created today with the address of It appears to a point of maximum impact for the future of organic life […]

  3. adamlosey says:

    Lexington lives on!

  4. […] new direction has led to my latest hack, Here you will find 3,866 words, many of them quotes; 19 graphics, including a photo of Richard […]

  5. […] that percolates throughout scientific and technological communities concerned with AI. My sister web begins with this debate. If you have not already visited this web, I hope you will do so after […]

  6. […] new ten minute video on Hacker Way and Legal Practice Management was added to my Hacker Way and AI-Ethics pages this week. It explains how one led to another. It also provides more insight into why I think […]

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