Click here to see the Online Electronic Discovery Law training program we have developed. This online introductory to intermediate level 85-class course is now offered free of charge.

We also provide an advanced program on legal search and document review entitled the TAR Course. In sixteen classes we teach the basics of the e-Discovery Team’s latest Predictive Coding 4.0 review methods.

This Page contains a collection of other writings and videos on e-discovery education. Education is an important subject to the future of discovery in America. Several experts in this field have make contributions on my blog to this subject, including Judge Shira Scheindlin. Click here for Sept. 2011 Interview of Ralph Losey on e-Discovery Education.

The education specific blogs you will find in these sub-pages are:

Star Trek Meets e-Discovery: Episode Six – Captain Kirk Studies for a Test on the Sedona Principles.

The Law Firm Apprenticeship Tradition And Why Most Lawyers Are Still Untrained in e-Discovery.

Are Today’s CLE Programs Doomed to Go the Way of the Newspaper?

Online e-Discovery Instruction in Law School Is Now a Reality.

The Ten Minute Attention Rule.

Why Online Education Will Surpass Traditional Face-to-Face Education in the Next 5-10 Years.

Plato’s Cave: why most lawyers love paper and hate e-discovery and what this means to the future of legal education.

Judge Shira Scheindlin and I Speak on e-Discovery and Education, March 23, 2009.

Fresh Perspectives on e-Discovery from Young Minds in the “Academy.

“Teach Your Children Well” – A Case for Teaching E-Discovery in Law Schools, Guest Blog by Shannon Capone Kirk and Kristin G. Ali.

The E-Discovery Crisis: An Immediate Challenge to our Nation’s Law Schools, Guest Blog by William Hamilton.

The two video interviews of Ralph Losey at LegalTech 2011 speaking about education issues and more.

9 Responses to School

  1. […] hour of class, a law student is expected to devote one to three hours of outside study. In fact, a very similar program was taught online by Ralph C. Losey serving as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Florida […]


  2. […] Ralph Losey is the most prolific write (and authority) on e-discovery education.  As he has stated numerous times “this is an important subject to the future of discovery in America”.  He has collected all his writings on the subject on one page which you can access by clicking here. […]


  3. […] exclusively on using predictive coding driven CARs in large document production projects, and on e-discovery training, another passion of mine. In that year one of my cases produced a landmark decision by Judge Andrew […]


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