Taking a Break from the World of Words

Golf_MountansDear e-Discovery Team friends, I’m on vacation this week in the Smoky Mountains. Having withdrawal from the world of words on e-disco? Suggest you check out IT-Lex for the latest in technology news and analysis. Now is also a good time to take a minute to sign up for the IT-Lex conference in my home town of Winter Park, Florida (next to Orlando). It is called Innovate for a reason. It will not only have some of the top minds in the business (and, oh yeah, I’ll also be there) doing different talks than usual, it will have many other new features. For instance, the setting, the Alfond Inn, has a five million dollar modern art collection. Way cool. Also, you can influence the conference by sending in questions and issues (after you sign up).  In the meantime, I’m going golfing and hiking and contemplating nature and the meaning of life. Maybe I’ll even be inspired to write a blog during vacation, but off schedule and no promises.

2 Responses to Taking a Break from the World of Words

  1. Bobbi says:

    Ralph — enjoy your vacation and commune with nature. Unplug for goodness sake, you deserve it!

  2. carrie mallen says:

    Why are the mountains Smokey? great hiking there, enjoy!

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