Ralph posing with a black hole

Here are Ralph Losey’s key writings on Artificial Intelligence, primarily covering Generative type AI, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Yes, he wrote these, not a machine. If an AI generated segment is used in an article, that is clearly indicated. All images in the essays were prepared by Ralph using various software tools, primarily MidJourney. The links for each article are to the version in this blog, although some were also published by EDRM and JDSupra with permission. The newest are on top (this may not be current, so go to the Blog Home Page to easily see the latest). For more articles by Ralph Losey on ethical issues concerning AI, see our sister web at

Ralph’s creative process for writing involves making uncountable errors and revisions, and a solitaire, focused, but calm relaxed use of good tools. A full moon helps too.

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