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Any statements made in this blog about persons or groups are only my personal opinions and are not intended to be truthful factual reprsentations nor disparagements of these persons or groups. Also, please understand that when comments are made about a past or present law suit, and order or orders entered therein, and concerning any of the parties, witnesses, or attorneys involved therewith, that I am only relying on the facts stated and included in the judicial opinion itself. I have no personal knowledge of the facts or the merits of the case outside of what has been published and included in the judicial opinions commented upon. I try to understand the facts and law stated in the judicial opinions and other matters that I comment on, but you should read these opinions and other sources yourself. My interpretations may be mistaken and they are not intended to be relied upon by anyone; and, as further explained below, they are definitiely not intended to be legal advice.

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The sole intended purpose of this blog site is for the personal expression of views and opinions related to Ralph Losey’s favorite subject, electronic discovery law. No representation is made about the truth or accuracy of any information contained in this blog. The information contained in this blog is provided only as general information for education purposes, which may or may not reflect the most current legal developments. The blog topics may or may not be updated subsequent to their initial posting.

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Please be advised that Ralph Losey never provides legal advice on an individual basis outside of his law firm and is not permitted to provide such advice through his firm without first performing a complete check on potential conflicts of interest and the client’s agreement in writing to all of the firm’s terms and conditions of representation. Do not contact Ralph Losey regarding a potential representation via this website or individually.

Never disclose to Ralph Losey or his law firm any information concerning any matter in which you may seek legal representation until after a full conflict check has been completed by his firm and official clearance is provided by his law firm to hear confidential information. Any such unwanted communications will be deleted without being read. No legal advice will ever be provided by Ralph Losey to anyone unless and until there has been a full conflict check by his firm and clearance has been provided by his firm for such possible representation and an agreement has been entered into with his firm.

I hope this is all clear and that you understand that my publication of this blog is not intended to be an advertisement nor solicitation of legal services in any way.

Ralph Losey


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