Rule for All Congressional Staff on Use of Chatbots: Only ChatGPT Plus is Allowed

Images generated by Losey using Midjourney and Photoshop

On June 26, 2023, all of the staff of Congress received a confidential memo on the use of Chatbots. It was leaked by some staffer the same day. Below is a copy, now freely available everywhere on the Internet. The memo restricts the use of Chatbots to OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus with privacy settings on. Other use restrictions are established, including that it can only be used for test purposes, not part of workflow.

If you are an employer, you should have some kind of employee use restriction too, especially if any of your employees work with confidential information. That includes most every organization I can think of. Restrictions should also apply to co-owners and anyone else handling your confidential information.

By my copying and sharing these use restrictions for Congressional employees I am not not in any way recommending or endorsing these particular restrictions or policy language. In fact, I would grade this as a C+ effort, better than nothing. Note the restrictions do not apply to Congressman and Senators, just their employees. My suggestion is that you consult with your own attorney about this right away.

Privacy is important. Confidentiality of government and business information is important. You probably do not want your organization to leak as badly as Congress, or the White House for that matter. Take care if you use chatbots or other artificial intelligence.

Fake Midjourney image. This is not really happening, yet.

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