Happy Holidays!

Last week’s blog was so difficult, so long, that I think everyone is ready for a humorous break. So I offer you a bit of Festivus holiday spirit from the comedic mind of Seinfeld.


Apparently this type of humor is threatening the morals of my home state, Florida, as the following video explains. It does not take much to threaten our morals, believe me. On the other hand, how funny is a state that actually has a Festivus pole in the state capital? Well, not everyone is amused.


I hate to leave on a political note, so I offer you one more Festivus video. The last half of this one reminds us of the many grievances aired on Seinfeld.


No doubt someone will be offended by these videos, so, as I like to say from time to time: “Let the airing of grievances begin!” Just leave them in the comment box below. The funnier the better. Points for clever comments, even if not really funny. Even more points for grievances, clever or not, with some kind of tie into e-discovery.


One Response to Happy Holidays!

  1. Jared Harary says:

    The last Seinfeld video is an excellent example of the hallowed YouTube tradition of drawing on disparate sources to create one authoritative mashup. It’s not unlike the aim of jolly ediscoverers the world over to hew an intelligible story from a great jangling mound of data. Festivus and The practice of law are made all the more joyous by electronic data culling. And let us all say, E-Festivus Unum.

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