Fraud Is Bad

Everybody knows me as an e-Discovery lawyer, but I have other legal-loves, other areas of law I’m returning to now, especially the False Claims Act, aka QUI TAM Whistleblower law. I talked about that recently in Coming Out of the Closet to Share My True Resume. Now that I’m out of Big Law and free to practice in that area again (very few conflicts), I’m building out a new website on Qui Tam. Once a blogger always a blogger. I have a few pages up already, but work is ongoing. Check it out.  It can be reached by all of the following domain names, with Fraud Is Bad the lead. (Yes, I like domain names!)

Please note the all-important Disclaimer Page on my new blog. There are very stringent ethics rules regarding attorney contacts with whistleblowers, primary among them the issue of conflicts. Oddly, I do not see that at other Qui Tam websites, but I am going to err on the side of caution. I am building out an ethical contact system now so all clients are fully protected. Plus, I have a lot more information to assemble and share with everyone. So please check it out and bookmark for later trips.

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