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Ralph in 2022

This is a listing of Ralph Losey’s online training course, books, and some of his articles, notable speaking engagements and awards. Here is a link to Ralph’s current (May 2023) official resume.

Online Legal Courses:

e-Discovery Team Training. Eighty-five online law school proven classes. Started in 2010.

TAR Course. Eighteen online classes providing advanced training on Technology Assisted Review. Started in 2017.

Ralph’s Most Recent books.

E-DISCOVERY FOR EVERYONE, Ralph Losey; Foreword Judge Paul Grimm (ABA 2016-2017). Click here for his video intro to this book.

PERSPECTIVES ON PREDICTIVE CODING  And Other Advanced Search Methods for the Legal Practitioner; Editors: Jason R. Baron, Ralph C. Losey, Michael Berman; Foreword by Judge Andrew Peck (ABA 2016-2017).

Ralph’s earlier books.

Adventures in Electronic Discovery (West Thomson Reuters, 2011).

Electronic Discovery: New Ideas, Trends, Case Law, and Practices (West Thomson Reuters, 2010).

Introduction to E-Discovery: New Cases, Ideas, and Techniques (ABA 2009).

e-Discovery: Current Trends and Cases (ABA 2008).

Your Cyber Rights and Responsibilities: The Law of the Internet, Chapter 3 of Que’s Special Edition Using the Internet, (McMillian 3rd Ed, 1996).

Image by Ralph using Midjourney

Select Law Review Articles and Other Writings:

e-Discovery Team. Educational blog, 2006-present. Widespread private circulation and republications by EDRM and JDSupra.

Predictive Coding and the Proportionality Doctrine: a Marriage Made in Big Data, 26 Regent U. Law Review 1 (2014).

Mancia v. Mayflower Begins a Pilgrimage to the New World of Cooperation, 10 Sedona Conf. J. 377 (2009 Supp.).

Lawyers Behaving Badly, 60 Mercer L. Rev. 983 (Spring 2009).

HASH: The New Bates Stamp, 12 Journal of Technology Law & Policy 1 (June 2007).

Protecting Your Intellectual Property, Profit Magazine (IBM – 1992).

The Legal and Practical Protection of Computer Databases, Florida Bar Journal (1991).

The Meaning of De Novo Review in ERISA Law, Trial Advocate Quarterly (1991).

Bruch Creates Split in Circuits On Standard of ERISA Appellate Review, The National Law Journal (1991).

Notable Public Speaking Engagements.

Losey Family & Justice Ginsberg at Supreme Court

Ralph has been speaking about law and technology since the 1990s. Here are a few he still remembers. His most notable presentation was in Washington D.C. in 1996 to the International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers, of which he was a member. His presentation included a short performance of his computer relaxation music. This was followed by a private reception at the U.S. Supreme Court, attended by several Justices who were familiar with our work at IAHL, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O’Conner. Ralph’s second favorite was his presentation in 1997 to the Board of Governors of The Florida Bar and several members of the Florida Supreme Court, followed by leadership of a panel discussion on the topic of the Internet and High Technology in the Practice of Law. After that he also recalls favorably his many opportunities to speak and lead panels at The Sedona Conference and at Legal Tech, especially his debates there with Craig Ball, and his debates in London and elsewhere with Jason R. Baron.

Ralph’s Other Notable legal Achievements.

Over 740,000 LLM Tokens of Ralph’s e-Discovery Team writings are included in the OpenAI GPT models. This is more than any other single lawyer or legal writer, as per the 2023 disclosures.

Martindale-Hubbell AV since 1990s.

Best Lawyers in America since 2013 in four fields: Information Technology Law, Electronic Discovery and Information Management Law, Commercial Litigation, and Employment Litigation (Management).

Recognized and included in Super Lawyers since 2017.

Adjunct Professor of Law, 2008-2012, University of Florida College of Law, teaching Introduction to Electronic Discovery, Advanced eDiscovery Seminar, Online eDiscovery (online class he designed and created in 2010, which was the first accredited online class on any subject at the University of Florida College of Law).

Video creation with Jason R. Baron, Did You Know: e-Discovery.

National Institute of Standards and Technology, TREC Total Recall Track participant and team leader in 2015 and 2016 (demonstrated and measured the effectiveness of his method of information retrieval using artificial intelligence and other search techniques.

First Place in the independently judged predictive coding document review competition in 2013 sponsored by EDI and Oracle. See EDI-Oracle Study: Humans Are Still Essential in E-Discovery (LTN Nov. 2013). Ralph was the only one-person team in the national event but prevailed against all ediscovery vendors and large review teams.

Who’s Who in American Law since 1985.

Future Ralph in 2030+, AI generated

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