e-Discovery Library

What are the basic books for an e-discovery reference library? Law Books There are many right answers, but the following would make almost everyone’s top ten list:

Electronic Evidence and Discovery Handbook: Forms, Checklists, and Guidelines, ABA Section of Law Practice Management

Electronic Discovery and Evidence: Best Practices Guide, Michael R. Arkfeld

The Sedona Guidelines for Managing Information and Records in the Electronic Age (Sept. 2005 Version) (free on-line)

Electronic Discovery: Law and Practice, Adam I. Cohen

The Practical Guide to Electronic Discovery, Mary Mack and Matt Deniston

For good general background reading I’d recommend John Battelle’s book: The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture. It does not pertain to e-discovery, but it helps in understanding the general “search” culture we are now in.

For more specific background reading, I suggest books on computers and computer networks.  Personally, I like the ones with many large color pictures and simple, yet valid explanations:  How Computers Work (8th ed.) by Ron White; and, How Networks Work (7th ed.) by Derfler & Freed.  Finally, for a pure reference book that is handy to have, try the Computer and Internet Terms Dictionary by Barron’s.

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