8 Responses to Part 2: The Grilling by Mary Mack – Angry Ostriches, Judge Scheindlin, Malcolm Gladwell, Jack Nicholson, Pretend Lawyers, Volunteers for America, and a Tad More!

  1. Craig Ball says:

    Indeed Ralph, Debbie’s right that you were “very, very fun” in this interview. I so enjoyed your adding those thought balloons throughout. They were a hoot! Still, you shared many smart, sensible observations without them, and I’m certain your listeners were pleased, even if they couldn’t read your mind as you’ve allowed us to do. Way to go!

  2. Cheryl Rampelt says:

    Mr.Losey: I began reading your blog a few months ago when I was laid off. I am a litigation paralegal, who has become fascinated with the developments in e-discovery and have been attempting to educate myself. I have found your blog quite enlightening, particularly your recent interview with Judge Scheindlin and your commentaries about cost decisions and law school education regarding e-discovery. Although paralegals are in the thick of e-discovery, there is very little in the paralegal curriculum to instruct them on this enormously important area of law. My personal knowledge is evolving from reading Sedona Conference materials, listening to AIIM webinars and other online reading, but I know I have just scratched the surface. While many paralegals might use litgation and document databases, and also closely follow the changes in court rules pertaining to discovery, I do not believe that those activities alone will result in a working understanding of ED, ESI, RM, ECM ,etc. What e-discovery education do you think is necessary for paralegals? Incidentally, I have volunteered for Mr. Baron’s project.

  3. Ralph Losey says:

    I am working on something for paralegals now that I am not at liberty to disclose yet. But stay tuned. Help may be on the way. Also, thanks for volunteering for TREC Legal Track.

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