What is e-Discovery?

Here is a video of my off-the-cuff answer to the question: What is e-discovery? I am experimenting with new video equipment, software and hardware to take this blog into a more multi-media educational approach. This video is also posted on You Tube so you can easily share, but feel free to link to this embedded video also.

4 Responses to What is e-Discovery?

  1. Gabe says:

    Hey Ralph! Glad to see you are trying out new means of communication on your blog. Do you mind if I repost your video?


  2. Experimenting with new media is a worthy goal. YouTube might not be your best choice, though. I have been reading your blog as part of my duties at work. Unfortunately, YouTube is blocked from our network. Based on my own research, this is not an uncommon blocking standard.

    (In our case, it is blocked not for content but primarily because it is a network hog – its use for non-business purposes was adversely impacting our ability to get business content in and out of the environment. For context, we are a largish organization in a rural environment. Bandwidth is not cheap at the far end of the pipeline.)

    If you could either embed the video directly here or publish in parallel via some other service with a more business-relevant reputation, that would be helpful for those of us who can’t access YouTube.

  3. Ralph Losey says:

    Ok Mike, I changed it just for you and others like you. Good suggestion. I think it is better quality this way too.

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