Final Exams Take Priority Over a Blog This week

I have been busy now for hours devising a suitably devilish fair examination for the law students at the University of Florida taking the two credit course on e-discovery taught by Bill Hamilton and myself. These questions will, I dare say, exceed the grasp of most practicing attorneys in America, and yet, I predict our students will do well. I may even share the questions and top answers in a future blog. Let me know what you think?

I am confident that the U.F. gators will do an excellent job in this test, far surpassing most praticing attortneys. I am also willing to bet that their answers will exceed that of any law student matriculating in the great state of Alabama. Not that I have sour grapes or anything about a certain football game.

Anyway, because of this test prep work, and computer frustrations (yes, even new Macs can fail), this week’s blog is delayed. Maybe later this week I’ll share the video that I have been working on, but for now its best to re-read and stare at Bill Hamilton’s three-dimensional sanctions cube for a while longer. (Students, that’s a hint!)

So, in the meantime, check out the music, if you have not already, in the bottom right of the blog, and enjoy the snow.

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