Three Minute Video on ‘Victor Stanley v. Creative Pipe’ and Search

This video is an excerpt from the last day of a law school class on Electronic Discovery taught by Professor Bill Hamilton and myself at the University of Florida. This three minute take summarizes and reminds the students about Victor Stanley, Inc. v. Creative Pipe, Inc., 250 FRD 251, 2008 WL 2221841 (D.C. M.D. 2008). This decision by Judge Paul Grimm is, in our view, one of the more important cases in the field.  Professor Hamilton and I frequently talk about this case in the context of the key problem of search, the need for expert input in some circumstances, and the ethical duties of competence and diligence.

I include here the slides shown to the students during this part of the class. Look for many more excerpts of this last day of class as I experiment with videos and morph this blog into more of a web-2.0 multi-media type information sharing resource. I will still write, and invite guest writers, and video guest speakers. But I will not try to continue the insane pace I have pursued over the past three years of 4,000 or more words per week. As Heraclitus said, the only consistentcy in life is change. This is the same river, the same blog, you stepped in before, but the waters are different. It may seem more shallow at first, but that is because this is just a first step off of the shore. This is a wide river, a deep river. The journey may take some time. Who knows what lies on the other side?

For best results view the video in full screen mode.

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