The Big Picture in e-Discovery and Two Fundamental Changes in Litigation in the Last Thirty Years

This video is an excerpt from the final day of a law school class at the University of Florida on Electronic Discovery. I teach this class with William Hamilton of Holland & Knight. Each week, most every week, Bill and I serve as adjunct professors at U.F.  We teach Introduction to e-Discovery, a two credit course, or Advanced e-Discovery, a two credit writing seminar only open to students who have completed the first course. The classes are always sold out and the students are excellent. They learn quickly. They are our best hope for the future. Hang in there senior partners, they are graduating soon and coming your way, if you are lucky enough to hire one of them. If not, look out. They could be helping your adversary. Some things never change. But as the short lecture excerpt shows, discovery has changed dramatically.

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  1. Jonathan Wiley says:

    Mr. Losey,
    Do you allow individuals who are not students to audit your lectures? While I have never met you personally, I have met Bill on a few occasions. As a litigation support consultant of 10yrs (vendor…just seems like a nasty term) I have been an ardent follower of your blog and am perpetually seeking knowledge in our field. To the extent that you and Bill will be teaching the class again, I would love to attend as a paying student (assuming there are no prerequisite courses) or as a silent notetaker. I live and office in Tallahassee but also have an office in Tampa which I work from nearly weekly. I’m more than willing to travel to attend the lectures. If neither is a possibility, I’m happy to continue to comb your blog and other conventional sources for education.

    Thank you for your weekly contribution to my education and my piqued interest…both of which supplement my career. Thanks again and Happy Holidays.

    Jonathan Wiley
    850-251-3982 (cell)

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