Cooperation and the Ethical Duty to Expedite Litigation

In this holiday season we naturally dream of Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Men. Although noble ideals, their attainment seems remote. A closer, more realistic goal is for lawyers to cooperate on discovery. It is already happening to good effect and constitutes one of the most important trends in litigation today. See The Sedona Cooperation Proclamation. The short video that follows touches on one, often overlooked ethical basis for cooperation, the duty under Model Rule 3.2 to expedite litigation. For a full treatise on the many reasons that cooperation is good for your clients, the courts, and you, see the special supplement of the Sedona Conference Journal devoted to this topic, The Sedona Conference Journal, Vol. 10 Supplement, Fall 2009. Also see my latest blog on this subject, A Supreme Court Justice Writes the Preface to a Sedona Conference Journal on the Cooperation Proclamation. In the meantime, watch this video excerpt of the law school class that I teach with Bill Hamilton at the University of Florida. Suggest you watch in High Definition and full screen mode for best results.

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