Why e-Discovery is a Fundamental Problem

This short video explains why electronic discovery is a significant problem today for U.S. and other modern systems of justice.

One Response to Why e-Discovery is a Fundamental Problem

  1. Janet Hales says:


    You have a wonderful writing style and certainly know your subject matter. I continue to find your articles very helpful as the law and technology in e-discovery evolves.

    You have expressed concern that law schools do not offer courses on e-discovery. The University of Toledo College of Law offers a 1 hour course on e-discovery and I teach it. I am by no means close to your level of expertise but do believe that students understand the main issues and know how to continue learning upon leaving my class.

    If you would like to converse further, please feel free to contact me. Again, much thanks for your up-to-the-minute commentary and analysis!



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