Baron and Losey Video Now on YouTube

My movie with Jason R. Baron is now on YouTube. It is called e-Discovery: Did You Know? It is best seen in high definition using the full screen view.  Hope you like it.

Please feel free to add this video to your own web and share it with your friends and colleagues. Jason and I also love to hear all comments.

For more information on the video, see my prior blog where I first published the video on WordPress. Also see the blog with my interview on ESI Bytes.

6 Responses to Baron and Losey Video Now on YouTube

  1. Tammy Hunt says:

    Thank you for creating this incredible video. The data is absolutely mind-blowing!

  2. Ken Matthews says:

    This is an excellent presentation! Very well done, entertaining, worth watching and pertinent information for those in Electronic Records Management community.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to craft this video. More than simply e-discovery, it’s a time capsule and a look ahead, a double whammy for our consideration. Excellent work.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Great video! I only wish you had acknowledged the role of law librarians in attempting to make information more accessible, as well as having superior searching skills to the average searcher (including attorneys).

  5. Cathy Downes says:

    Thank you for this excellent summary of facts and figures. With the original Did You Know, the authors provided a document of where they referenced their statistics. Do you intend to do the same? I am a university professor, at the National Defense University and when I get challenged by my government students, they need to see proof that stats are more than guessimates. Thanks again.

  6. […] One of the most informative (and amusing) presentations to put it in perspective is the Ralph Losey/Jason R. Baron video Did You Know? which you can access by clicking here. […]

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