True Confession: I Hacked a Website this Weekend

Hacked a website this weekend, my own. As I’m sure most of you know by now, that means I made a new website. Hope you will come by and check it out. It was made pretty fast, and will no doubt need constant improvements going forward, but I like it. It has a whole new coding style. As usual, it is free and open to one and all. My point was to build something of social value. You be the judge as to whether I succeeded at that.

A careful reader will notice it is not really totally new, as most of the content has been published here before, but the website itself is brand new. There are many new words in it too. Below is a screen shot of part of the Home Page. Just click and the new will be sent to your screen.

You be the judge as to how bold a move this new project is. I went with a whole new design and also created several new graphics for it. Please note the multiple invitations in the website for volunteers to help me with the ethics work going forward. (Do not need help with the actual code work.) I personally think Ray Kurzweil may be right. We need to follow the Hacker Way and move fast because the next HAL 9000 could be just around the corner. According to Craig Ball he already owns a toaster smarter than the current POTUS.



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