Florida Bar Approves the Blog’s Online Education Program

The Florida Bar awarded accreditation to our full online education program in record time, just two days! The Bar approved a total of 20 hours of CLE credits, including 2 hours of Ethics.

Florida is a tech friendly place, plus it’s my home, so I wanted to start here. But we will now apply for accreditation from all major states.

The accreditation in Florida was awarded to each of the four Sections that make up our program. We will use that same plan with other states. As explained at e-DiscoveryTeamTraining.com, the first Section is offered for free to everyone, everywhere. All you have to do is register. There will only be a charge for this first Section if you later seek to have Bar CLE credits awarded for your studies.

The first free quarter is composed of 15 Modules. Each module is equivalent to a class and has its own supplemental homework and research assignments. This first Section was approved for 5 credits of basic level general CLE, including 1 for Ethics. The 15 Modules in Section One are comprised of: 2 modules of video lectures only; 5 modules with videos and hyper-linked writings; and, 8 modules of hyper-linked writings only.

The Second, Third and Fourth Sections are only available to registered students who upgrade to Level Two and have access to the entire course, not just the first free Section. Again, this is all explained at the Blog’s e-Discovery Law Training entrance portal.

The Second Section was approved for another 5 credits of basic level general CLE. The 15 Modules in Section Two are comprised of: 3 module of video lectures only; 1 module with videos and hyper-linked writings; and, 11 modules of hyper-linked writings only. The Third Section was approved for another 5 credits of basic level general CLE. The 15 Modules in Section Three are comprised of: 3 modules of video lectures only, and 12 modules of hyper-linked writings only. The Fourth Section was approved for another 5 credits of basic level general CLE, with 1 credit awarded to Ethics. The 16 Modules in Section Four are comprised of: 5 modules of video lectures only, and 11 modules of hyper-linked writings only.

Who Is This Program For?

Have you seen the Syllabus yet for the online training program? I am quite proud of it and think it is really top quality, with materials from some of the best names in the industry. Still, if you are an attorney who is already expert in e-discovery with years of experience (and that includes many of the Blog readers), you probably already know this stuff. This first online program is an entrance level course, originally designed and taught to law students.

The program may not be too helpful to attorneys who are already expert in the field, but it will help the other 99% of the profession, the attorneys and judges who either have no experience, or only limited experience and knowledge in this new area of the law. Perhaps you know a few good people like that and can tell them about this program?

The program is not just for lawyers. It also designed for all students of all kinds: law students and other graduate level students who have an interest in this new field of law, in this new industry. It is also accessible, and I think helpful, to all paralegals, litigation support personnel, forensic experts, technologists and other professionals in the field who are not attorneys, regardless of their experience level. The program, although focused on the law and legal training, is suitable for non-attorneys who have a strong interest in deepening their understanding of the law and legal topics. All members of an e-discovery team need to have a basic understanding of the issues and law in electronic discovery, not just the attorneys.

Bottom Line – You do not have to be an attorney to benefit from this program, much less a practicing attorney admitted to the Bar, but if you are, you can look forward to CLE accreditation for your efforts. Florida is just the beginning. Online legal education is the future. It is the only way to meet the needs of thousands of professionals and students around the world that need a better understanding of this new field of law.

Study at your own time, your own place, your own pace.

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  1. Matt Williams says:

    Florida being the tech friendly state has loads of opportunities for online education. Florida bar seeing the opportunity to provide better opportunities to the law students in terms of education and learning, has taken a great step by offering them free online education through Florida Bar. Lawyers and all law students can benefit from this and can get better opportunities in life. Online education be it for law or any other subject has more merits as compared to the conventional education as it offers time flexibility and selection of subjects of any form from amongst the set of subjects offered by the respective online colleges. law degrees are no exception from the regular education. Florida online schools provide a completly researched and detailed education plan for Online degree in law and complete set of online education programs related to different law subjects on various matters and fields. the approval of online education program by Florida bar is a great step forward into the education field which would benefit the new lawyers in getting quality law information and knowledge from the experts in the state and would eventually improve the quality of Law based activities.

  2. Tony says:

    Hi, Thanks for sharing the information. Now a days online education is very important to every one and these information will really help us a lot..Thanks once again for these lovely post..

  3. Gia says:

    Awesome bllog you have here

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