Must Read Books on Cybersecurity

Matrix_code_animationThis is a collection of the classic, timeless books that everyone interested in cybersecurity should read. It was primarily compiled by Rick Howard, the Chief Security Officer for Palo Alto Networks. I’ve also had help on this list from Extreme Paper Clip, who suggested the more technical books at the end.

IMO this is great background reading. Of course a serious student should also supplement this book list with the latest and greatest books of interest, and even more technical texts that are useful now, but maybe not so much in three years. When you click on the small book covers below you will see a great review of each book by Rick Howard. The ones recommended by Extreme Paper Clip will link to Amazon. The first large book cover below has a link to a blog that I wrote on Rogue Code, entitled Hacking Flash Trading on Wall Street: From Fiction to Fact in Just Three Weeks. Rogue Code is my current favorite book by Mark Russinovich. His novel predicted a new type of hack attack on Wall Street. The attack was discovered just weeks after his book was published.

Check back after you read all of these as I will be adding books as time goes on. I suggest you also see the collection of books by the infamous DEFCON hacker group. Do you have a good book suggestion that you do not see listed here? Contact me at  You may also want to Follow Ralph Losey on Twitter to stay current.


 The Blue Nowhere Breakpoint The CERT Guide to Insider Threats Confront and Conceal Cryptonomicon The Cuckoo's Egg Cyber War Daemon Fatal System Error  Kingpin Neuromancer Reamde Security Metrics Snow Crash Trojan Horse We Are Anonymous Worm Zero Day FreedomSecrets and Lies Beautiful_security BackTrack_5 Basics_Hacking Lure Ghost_wiresArt_deception

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