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Open AI’s Chat GPT Helps Explain the Active Machine Learning Method of Evidence Retrieval. The most recent, AI assisted, explanation of the e-Discovery Team’s tested and proven method of predictive coding. Do it right and TAR works great. If you don’t, it can lead to a cluster of mistakes.

Four Generations of Predictive Coding Software, the Background and History of Predictive Coding from 2009 to 2023. Good to know the history. Ralph Losey lived through all of this, fighting bs from most of the vendors and pseudo-experts, all of the way.

Second Grader Version by Chat GPT of the “Four Generations of Predictive Coding Software, from 2009 to Today. Fun to see how AI can transform a complex subject like this to its basic essence.

TECHNOLOGY ASSISTED REVIEW (TAR), which is also called Computer Assisted Review (CAR). General Introduction to the e-Discovery Team’s approach to document review using active machine learning, which is a type of Artificial Intelligence.

LEGAL SEARCH SCIENCE. The Team’s introduction to this new interdisciplinary field. It is concerned with the search, review, and classification of large collections of electronic documents to find information for use as evidence in legal proceedings, for compliance to avoid litigation, or for general business intelligence.

ARCHIVE OF RALPH LOSEY’S PREDICTIVE CODING ARTICLES. Over sixty OTHER articles on Electronic Document Review, Legal Search and Predictive Coding.


Mr. EDR. Story from the AI’s point of view of the e-Discovery Team’s participation in 2015 and 2016 TREC Total Recall Track science experiments.

FIVE TIPS TO AVOID COSTLY MISTAKES IN DOCUMENT REVIEW.  Video chats and text by Losey on five document review tips he was thinking about in Mid-2016.

TAR COURSE: Sixteen Class training program in Predictive Coding 4.0, the e-Discovery Team’s method of document review. The Team uses a Hybrid Multimodal approach that features active machine learning, but includes all other types of electronic search. The Team prefers a type of continuous learning process for predictive coding that uses Intelligently Spaced Training (IST).


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