Jason R. Baron – The Movie

Jason R. Baron is well known as a lawyer, writer, editor, and thought leader on e-discovery search. This blog is a 30 minute video excerpt of  Jason teaching Bill Hamilton and my law school class this week at the University of Florida. Jason’s talk will give you a better understanding of the problem of search, why it is so difficult, and the latest research and trends in this area. Click on the arrows in the bottom right corner for a full screen view.

The drive from Orlando to Gainesville this week with Jason reminded me of why he is so popular and effective. Although it does not really come across in this video, he is one of the wittiest people you will meet. You can not only learn a lot from Jason, you can laugh a lot too. Unlike many experts, Jason has his ego in humorous perspective. Maybe that’s why he has been such a good ambassador for the legal profession to the strange world of information science. He is a pioneer of a dialogue between these two alien disciplines. This led to his co-founding the TREC Legal Track, an important project that I have written about before. Also see Jason’s guest blog on this subject.

Jason Baron’s efforts to bridge the disciplines of law and information science are driven by his desire to help the law cope with the sudden explosion in the volume of information. Jason is on the front line of this problem as the Director of Litigation of the National Archives and Records Administration. NARA, among other things, handles White House email litigation and other federal records disputes. He lives in a world where the management of billions of emails and government records are routine. He understand far better than most the need of law to work with science to cope with these issues.

Jason Baron at the whiteboard at UF Law in October, 2009

When not traveling around the world lecturing on e-discovery and information science, Jason works tirelessly for The Sedona Conference, where he is now a Co-Chair of the Working Group on Electronic Document Retention and Production. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of The Sedona Conference Best Practices Commentary on the Use of Search and Information Retrieval in E-Discovery (2007), and The Sedona Conference Commentary on Achieving Quality in the E-Discovery Process (2009). To learn more about Jason Baron and his work, see his website: jasonrbaron.com and try to catch one of his many public presentations.

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