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  1. Sean Byrne says:

    Ralph, thanks so much for the mention of our Program in your blog, the resulting exposure I hope it brings tor our Pilot… and, of course, for your invaluable participation in our workshop yesterday. I’m not sure if you see a spot on the bench in your future, but you put the world on notice duriong our mock that you’d be an excellent jurist if that route ever appealed to you.

    In all, we could not have been more impressed by and grateful for our speakers’ knowledge, insight and dedication to the idea that electronic discovery as a whole can be done better, faster and less expensively than the way we often see it done today.

    I echo your sentiment that our Principles are meant to be a step in the right direction…. and there is empirical evidence that they are beginning to make a difference in many matters. There are many Principles I could single out as critically important, but the one we definitely tried to shine a bright light on during the mock was the idea that cooperation is possible, even for zealous advocates, and often, it is in the best interest of the clients.

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  3. That sounds like a great place to have been. I cannot wait for the video when it is available. I got to hear from Maura Grossman (and many other greats) at Georgetown Law’s eDiscovery Training a couple of weeks ago. I’m new to the eDiscovery field (as Litigation Support) and relish in these sort of discussions.

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