2 Responses to Job Market Heating Up for e-Discovery Technologists, Managers, and Attorneys

  1. […] Under a traditional contract lawyer review, where we assume a very fast speed (for them) of 75 files per hour, and a very low unmotivated lawyer rate of $25.00 per hour, you have a projected fee of $13,333 (66% higher cost). Even though the $1,000 rate is 40-times higher than the contract lawyers, since the SMEs are 133.33 times faster, the net savings is still 66%. That’s because it would take the contract lawyers 533.33 hours to complete the project, and, this is important, they would necessarily do so with a far lower accuracy rate. That’s right, they are likely to find far fewer relevant documents that the automated SME approach. This makes clear the power and importance of SMEs driving CARs, and why, along with their current scarcity, they are now in such demand. See David Cowen, Job Market Heating Up for e-Discovery Technologists, Managers, and Attorneys. […]

  2. […] reports by Law.com, The Cowen Group, Symantec and others show that large law firms, including many in the AmLaw 250, are hiring and […]

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