9 Responses to 500th Blog – End of One Era, Beginning of Another

  1. Roberts says:


  2. jasonrbaron says:

    Good job, Ralph. Here’s to your next 100 columns (spaced over the next 12 or so years, of course)!

  3. Ratterman, Deborah says:

    Ralph and Team,

    I have never responded directly to a post before but like many others have taken for granted your weekly comments assuming that you will always have a good read for me on Monday morning. Over the years I have incorporated many of your concepts into our workflow, shared your ideas with my team as if they were gospel, nodded silently in my cubicle in agreement with arguments you have made for and against predictive coding technologies, and share your passion for more “e-training” for attorneys and judges. However, last evening when I read your post I was saddened to learn that something that has become so familiar and reliable is about to end.

    Those of us in corporations live in siloes and are hesitant to share information regarding corporate operations for a variety of reasons. Your posts often dealt with issues that affect our operations or those of counsel and vendors we hire. You and your team were a link outside the walls and helped me and my team improve workflows, rethink data collecting, handling outside counsel, etc. You were a 911 of information we could dial up in times when we had questions or concerns about e-data specifics. You offered logic! It seemed we could always find our issues addressed in an old post somewhere.

    So thank you e-Discovery Team and Ralph for all the years that you provided support. Thank you for all the years I didn’t thank you. God Speed to your and your family….and I hope Sunday evenings are more relaxed at your house now.


    Deborah Ratterman-Warnecke
    Director, Discovery Services
    Sears Holdings Management Corporation

    • Ralph Losey says:

      Deb – Thank you so much for the kind, positive feedback. It is good to hear that my efforts have borne fruit. I will still be around, of course, just not as often. I hope you will now make the blog a monthly ritual.

  4. Mark Michels says:

    Ralph, your insights have been remarkable and I truly appreciate your tireless efforts. Congratulations on this milestone. I look forward to your future posts.

  5. Ralph A. says:

    Ralph, I will be with you after transition to liftoff and flight, and I will do my best to hang on for the ride.
    The “Other Ralph.”

  6. It is always a good time to reinvent yourself. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  7. Ralph Losey says:

    Everyone – Thanks for all of the well wishes, both public and private.

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