Bad Robot!

Bad_RobotA STORY OF ETHICS AND PREDICTIVE CODING IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE. Yes, by popular demand of younger readers, my e-discovery short animations are back. (I can almost hear the groaning of the literati readers!) This is the first in a series of quickie-fun videos to teach predictive coding and related topics. This first one also includes ethics. These lessons will all be told from the point of view of the Robots. And funky comic retro Robots at that! They embody the machine learning algorithms in the not-too-distant future of interactive document review. Literati, please put aside any prejudices you may have against videos and cartoons and give this new style of teaching a try. It may even become a new secret guilty pleasure. I know I had a blast creating them. For best effect open the video to full screen.

Come up with a name for the two robots, and win a prize. I’m thinking Click and Clack, but that’s not too original, I know. Please send me an email or leave your suggestion in the comment box below. Winner gets a free copy of any one of my e-discovery books; your choice.

14 Responses to Bad Robot!

  1. Loved it- a much faster way to learn than reading long text.

  2. Guity Deyhimy says:

    roboclick tag2clack

  3. Chris Purdon says:

    Robot names – Tar and Multimodal

  4. Marvin and Hal

  5. Kip Comack says:

    How about the robots names … byte and switch?

  6. craigball says:

    Robot Names: Grim and Fash

  7. Elle Pyle says:

    Definitely a fun way to explain predictive code. As for names, “Code-y” and “CAR-l”

  8. Kevin Boone says:

    Hurley and Charlie

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  10. Rick Stone says:

    Call them Credo and Caliper.

    Fun–I’d let the opening title crawl and the closing credits run much slower–couldn’t read them.

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