Vote For Your Favorite Robot Names

RobotsI received many great suggestions for names to the two robots who star in my new predictive coding animation series. The new cartoons kicked off this Sunday with Bad Robot! Thanks to all who participated. All of the suggestions were very clever, with some more esoteric than others. After great effort I was able to narrow them down to five names. But now I need your help to decide who wins the robot naming contest. Please vote for your favorite robot names. You will decide the winner. The poll is only open for 24 hours, so vote now. Only one vote per human or robot please.

Tim_HwangBy the way, did you hear about the sort-of law firm that opened up in California in 2010, Robot, Robot & Hwang. The only human in the firm is the junior partner, Tim Hwang, shown right.  His senior partners are Apollo Cluster, who specializes in mergers and acquisitions, and Daria XR-1029, who specializes in intellectual property issues. I’m thinking Tim is more prankster than real lawyer, but I like his style none-the-less. Get yourself a law degree Tim, and I may have a job for you with my two robots, names yet to be determined.

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  1. […] Predictive Coding in the Not-Too-Distant Future. The cute robots have now been named by readers in Vote For Your Favorite Robot Names where the winning names were: BYTE and SWITCH. These are much funnier names than the old Star Wars […]

  2. […] our robot friends, BYTE and SWITCH. (Thanks to Kip Comack of CACI International, the winner of the name-the-robots contest, for coming up with these clever names. Your book is in the mail.) As usual, this story is told […]

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