7 Responses to Judge Grimm’s New Discovery Order Is Now An e-Discovery Best Practice – Part One

  1. Ralph,

    Interesting concept. I just shared it with all my employees. Turns out we are already making a lot of these recommendations to attorneys on our consulting engagements. I do want to mention a tool we’ve developed that is starting to get attention worldwide: BlackBox. It’s a remote collection tool that enables mass collection that is controlled by counsel or their agent, but triggered remotely by the custodian at their site. It can also be used for preservation. Thought you might want to know.



  2. Ralph,

    As usual you are right on top of it! I’ll look at this carefully and compare it to the eDiscovery Guidelines in the Northern District of California.

    And I really like your EDBP. Have you heard anything about EDRM becoming IGRM?

    Did you see the article about the Bay Area eDiscovery Forum? We just had our first meeting last week.

    Best regards.


  3. Thank you, Ralph. I really enjoyed reading this article, and I agree that the lawyers are the only ones who should be providing legal services. I believe that’s what makes ESIRT work as well as it does and why people have such positive things to say about our programs: we work with the local lawyers to choose topics and present CLEs because they know best what their community needs in ESI Education.

    May I have your permission to include a link to the EDBP on my website and in my CLE invitations?

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