5 Responses to Judge Grimm’s New Discovery Order Is Now An e-Discovery Best Practice – Part Two; with Postscript to Vendors on “Legal Software of the Future”

  1. logikbot says:

    Great article and thanks for the tips, Ralph! I completely agree about the hacker way and embedding better collaboration software in discovery software (that’s what Logikcull is doing). In the future, most discovery software will be online, so using the internet as a natural document delivery and collaboration system just makes sense. Load files will be a thing of the past. You want to share documents with opposing counsel? Click a button and share. Collaboration with control is the right way to go.

    So, we are building this software you speak of. It already exists and more collaboration components are coming soon. I’d love to get your input on them. Want to setup a demo soon?

  2. craigball says:

    “Just ask Victor Stanley.” Better yet, ask Mark Pappas late of Creative Pipe!

    Another fine post, Ralph.

    • Ralph Losey says:

      Good point. Mr. Pappas was the spoliator (and copyright infringer) with the prison threat by Judge Grimm. Mr. Stanley was the beneficiary of a court actually enforcing its rules.

  3. Ralph Artigliere says:

    My oh my, Ralph. Terrific article and postscript. I continue to be impressed with Judge Grimm’s facility with developing ways of economically managing discovery toward a just outcome. Paul Grimm is the Michael Jordan of case management; he makes really complex skills look easy. My hope is that other judges, including state court judges, will see the beauty and the importance of what Judge Grimm is doing and that they will want to be like Paul.

    • Ralph Losey says:

      I too am impressed by Judge Grimm. If only certain leaders of the Florida Bar had a tenth of his understanding and insight, our state would be much better off 😉

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