5 Responses to The Doors Are Thrown Open to all 85-Classes of the e-Discovery Team Training Program

  1. Rebecca James says:

    Ralph, wow! What an amazing gift. I hope you at least get a tax deduction for this amazing generosity. Thanks for putting John in touch, enjoyed talking all things Catalyst. Rebecca

    On Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 4:10 PM e-Discovery Team ® wrote:

    > Ralph Losey posted: “I have decided to waive all tuition charges to attend > my online training program. It is now entirely free. You are not even > required to register. Call it a senior moment if you will, but it just > seemed like the right thing to do. This online e-discover” >

  2. eatingeorgia says:

    I’m ready to go! I’m a lawyer over 55 and need to catch up with the younger generation of legal innovations! I’m excited to learn this new generation of digital lawyering. Yes! Bring it on!!!

  3. K. Bowen says:

    An awesome gift to the profession. This is very generous and I am sure many will benefit. You have spent a career helping the field progress and this is another example of your tireless efforts. Thanks Ralph! We are all grateful.

  4. Gina Axsom says:

    Thank you for creating this extensive course and making it available for free. I have been investigating online e-discovery education programs, and the costs for some were prohibitive. Your gift is very much appreciated!

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