5 Responses to Addendum to e-Disco is Hot

  1. Ralph Artigliere says:

    When I graduated from law school in the dark ages (1977), my classmates and I were among the first law students at University of Florida that had the opportunity to learn and practice Lexis “computer” research. Those who embraced the new technology and actually applied themselves to being good at it entered the workforce with a truly advantageous skill and an opportunity to make a mark earlier than those who did not. Studying E-discovery for the current generation of law school grads offers similar but exponentially higher value to employers. Those conversant in e-Disco can achieve better skills and contextual understanding on important discovery matters than lawyers many times their senior. However, any lawyer can achieve valuable skills through self-study if they find the right course and apply themselves.

  2. Craig Ball says:

    Who better than you, Ralph, for K&L to make an offer that can’t be refused? Big firm experience. Serious EDD chops. Widely respected–nay loved, by colleagues and students. As Johnny Cochran would have said, “If the candidate’s on fire, you must hire.” 😉

  3. Ralph Losey says:

    Very flattering, but I love Jackson Lewis!

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