3 Responses to The Word is Out: e-Disco is the Hot New Dance

  1. Aaron Taylor says:

    Mr. Losey:
    Another excellent commentary, tied very well with your previous blog on Plato’s Cave. The need for an e-discovery team that includes experts in the technical aspect of electronic records seems so obvious. I would add to that the need for experts in the entire range of e-records management – a dedicated RIM expert who can provide the guidance needed for successfully establishing a legal hold/e-records discovery process that protects the legal team and the client throughout a litigation matter. I firmly believe successful litigation settlement starts, not with the onset of an action, but with the development and implementation of a strong process. I believe a law firm can enhance their reputation and their success capability by guiding their clients in setting up a strong litigation response program…encouraging them to have a quality records management team (or at least individual), developing an ESI data map and retention schedule (including file plans), and having the records manager serve as a major member of the litigation management team, to coordinate records identification, discovery, isolation and ongoing hold process. There should be no-one better-qualified within the client organization to perform these tasks in conjunction with the legal team, whether internal or external. As such, I totally agree that the e-discovery world is “hot”, and both businesses and law firms need to give strong consideration to developing their e-discovery team, a composite of qualified individuals from the varied disciplines – legal, IT, and records management.


    Aaron Taylor

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