The Poetry of e-Discovery – COOPERATION

Foundation Rule 1, Written as New Poetry, with Chat GPT.

All Inspiration, Prompts and Sane QC by Me, Human Ralph Losey.

An Android Prophet/Judge by Losey and Midjourney

In the halls of justice, a tapestry unfolds,

A realm where Rule 1 stands, a tale of wisdom told,

A foundation, a guide, for rules of civil grace,

A prime directive, firm and true, in every single case.

“Scope and Purpose,” a clarion call, resounds throughout the land,

A compass for the court and parties, guiding every hand,

For every action, every proceeding, a constant, steady light,

Rule 1, the keeper of the flame, the guardian of the night.

Construed, administered, employed, a sacred trinity,

By court and parties, side by side, in perfect unity,

A just, a speedy, and inexpensive path to seek,

The determination of each case, where truth and reason speak.

In twenty-fifteen, a change was made, the message to refine,

To emphasize the role of parties, each word a sacred line,

A shared responsibility, a dance of law and fate,

Upon the stage of litigation, the truth to liberate.

The Committee Note, a guiding voice, a testament of time,

A call for cooperation, harmony, and rhyme,

To discourage over-use, misuse, and tools of delay,

A plea for proportional use, the just and righteous way.

For every lawyer, every party, a mission to achieve,

A balance of advocacy, in the justice they believe,

To employ the rules with honor, a cooperative embrace,

In the spirit of Rule 1, a journey to retrace.

No new source of sanctions, this amendment makes it clear,

Nor an abridgment of the rules, no cause for doubt or fear,

A simple call to unity, a partnership profound,

To secure the just, the speedy, and the inexpensive, all around.

Oh, Rule 1, your essence, your purpose, and your scope,

A guiding star, a beacon bright, a lantern of great hope,

Through you, the courts and parties march, as one, with purpose grand,

To secure the just, the speedy, and the inexpensive, hand in hand.

Rule 1 Poetry Reading by a Favorite Ai

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