The Poetry of e-Discovery – RELEVANCE

Rule 26 (b), Written as New Poetry, with Chat GPT.

All Inspiration, Prompts and Sane QC by Me, Human Ralph Losey.

Ai Android Judge by Losey and MidJourney

In chambers of law, where discovery reigns,

A realm of relevance, the seeker gains,

Bound by order, the court’s command,

A world of knowledge, close at hand.

The scope of discovery, wide and far,

A tale of claims and defenses, a memoir,

Proportional to the needs of the case,

In balance with the issues, an intricate chase.

From the importance of issues, stakes arise,

To the amount contested, a sum that belies,

The parties’ resources and access to the truth,

A dance of discovery, both graceful and uncouth.

Yet, burden and expense play their part,

Their worth weighed against the knowledge they impart,

Discoverable matter, tangible and veiled,

The identities and locations, where knowledge is hailed.

Good cause may lead the court to order more,

To delve deeper into the subject matter’s core,

Though not admissible, the relevance may stay,

If the path of discovery leads to evidence that may sway.

But limitations are imposed, to keep it in check,

By order or local rule, a sturdy ship’s deck,

From interrogatories to depositions, the limits set,

The court governs the number, lest we forget.

Electronic data, a separate beast,

Accessibility and burden, on this we feast,

Yet, the court may order, with good cause shown,

To pierce the veil, a decision condoned.

As trial preparation beckons, the stage is set,

Materials and documents, a tableau we’ll not forget,

Protected, prepared, anticipating the fight,

Yet discoverable still, if the need shines a light.

Experts and their wisdom, a treasure to share,

Deposed and examined, their knowledge laid bare,

Draft reports and communications, a shield to protect,

Except when the facts and assumptions intersect.

Privilege and protection, these claims we respect,

Information withheld, a delicate subject,

Yet described with precision, without revealing the core,

A balance struck, in this legal folklore.

In this realm of discovery, the dance we perform,

Seeking truth and justice, the essence we transform,

A poetic journey through the legal maze,

In relevance and proportion, we shall spend our days.

Rule 26(b) Poetry reading by a favorite Ai judge

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