Document Review and Predictive Coding: Video Talks – Part Seven

predictive_coding_Step-8This is the seventh and last of seven informal video talks on document review and predictive coding. The first video explained why this is important to the future of the Law. The second talked about step one, ESI Communications. The third about step two, Multimodal Search Review. The fourth about step three, Random Baseline. The fifth about steps four, five and six, the predictive coding steps that iterate during rounds of machine training. The sixth about ZEN Quality Assurance Tests, where ZEN stands for Zero Error Numerics.

This last video talks about step eight in work flow, Phased Productions. This is also sometimes known as second pass review, where you identify confidential and privileged documents and take appropriate action of logging, redacting or fixing special legends on the face of Tiffed or PDF productions. You are probably already well acquainted with this step. Again this is fairly easy and straightforward. Here is my short, five-minute wrap up.



For details on phased productions see Electronic Discovery Best Practices. For information on all eight steps see Predictive Coding 3.0More information on document review and predictive coding can be found in the fifty-six articles published here.

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