4 Responses to Judge Shira Scheindlin and I Speak on e-Discovery and Education

  1. Neal Rogers says:

    Enjoyed the podcast; very informative. Maybe the larger point to be made can be found in your statement:

    “If you have any doubt about the crises, you have only to look at the steady stream of new judicial opinions demonstrating attorney negligence and refusal to cooperate on simple technical matters, all to the detriment of clients.”

    E-discovery seems to lend itself to gamesmanship (particularly ‘hide the ball’). The B & G problem was less one of coping with e-discovery difficulties and complexities, and more one of abuse of an adversary by exploiting e-discovery’s vague, ambiguous and under-developed nature. A bit more good faith, goodwill, professionalism and adherence to ethical standards of conduct could ameliorate many of the perceived problems.

    Good luck with your students!!

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  4. […] I agreed, but only if we would limit the discussion to ethics. (I have previously done an interview by Karl with Judge Scheindlin focused on education.) Karl, whose day-job is the Director of Legal Analytics and Review at […]

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