21 Responses to Baron and Losey’s New Movie: “e-Discovery: Did You Know?”

  1. […] is Jason Baron’s and Ralph Losey’s movie that they presented at LegalTech.  The transition back to my job has made me fall behind on […]

    • TJ says:

      Are all the stats and numbers in this presentation accurate or were they just guessed at? If they are correct, do you have sources or citations for that information (where you obtained the information stated in this presentation)? Thanks, TJ

  2. Ralph- I orignally saw this video at the sneak peek you gave at the Georgetown Institute, and I think it’s just terrific! It makes eDiscovery geeks everywhere look good by association.

    I’m begining in-house eDiscovery training at my firm shortly and was going to take you up on your offer to use the video as an intro. Then it occured to me that everything that comes after your video is going to be boring by comparison–my material can’t stand up to that. I’m thinking instead I’ll show it at the end as a reward or half way as a shot of energy. Either way, great stuff!

  3. Kamal Shah says:

    absolutely love the video. great content, makes you pause and think about the future.

    btw, which one of you is a techno music fan?

  4. Ralph Losey says:

    Jason is the “musical genius.” I take credit only for recognizing that he picked a winner and agreeing immediately with his selection. Its a great piece. Makes you move. For more detail on the creative process behind the “movie,” including the music, see our interview on The Posse List at http://www.theposselist.com/2010/01/28/an-interview-with-jason-r-baron-and-ralph-losey-putting-the-tsunami-of-e-data-in-perspective/
    I will edit the blog to add this link.

  5. Peg Duncan says:

    Nicely done! Great tool for making the point about the volume of information that might have to be “discovered”.

  6. Chris Jacobs says:

    wOw! from the video, “What happens when the smart computers start building computers that we can’t understand?”

  7. Laura Zubulake says:

    Precisely why I opted not got go to law school. Too much ESI to process– I could see it coming. Fun video.

  8. Peter says:

    Would really like to know – 22% to 78% increase in detection of records.

    What were the alternative search methods used?


  9. […] In a nutshell, ediscovery is expanding exponentially.   How much.  Well, just look at the presentation by clicking here. […]

  10. Jeane Thomas says:

    Brilliant. Simply brilliant. And I love the music. Not surprising that Jason is the super cool music guy of the duo. He’s a regular at the trendiest dance clubs in DC.

    Thanks to both of you and J. Grimm for including me in a great panel. Looking forward to the next time….

  11. Ed Fiducia says:

    Outstanding presentation. As one who has been preaching the Concept/Content Search gospel for years in order to augment keyword/boolean search the TREC study slide is real validation. Beautiful presentation. Well done. Any chance I can get the flash file of this so that I can show it when I am offline?

  12. Tony Barrows says:

    Wonderful work. As it stands, I’ve shown this film to a handful of lawyers, and more than a handful of non-lawyers, and the general consensus couldn’t be more positive. What works best about the movie (for me, anyway) is the fact that it articulates and illustrates the vital importance of this field of law, by appealing to people’s (and I mean “people,” not just lawyers and law students)informed notions of technology, and how the growth of that technology is quickly impacting every man’s day in court.

    Again, well done. I plan on showing this to my mother this weekend, to give her a better idea of what I’ll be doing once I get my J.D., aside from drafting wills for my family members.

  13. […] more information on the video, see my prior blog where I first published the video on WordPress. Also see the blog with my interview on ESI […]

  14. […] Jason  Baron and Blog King Ralph Losey teamed up to create the short embedded video below titled "e-Discovery: Did You Know?" Maximize the video, turn down the lights, and turn up the speakers—if you’re at the office, […]

  15. […] Here’s a great video by Ralph Losey and Jason Baron.  They originally showed this at LegalTech New York.  Ralph’s introductory post is here. […]

  16. Louisa says:

    Exceptional use of information and graphics. You create an atmosphere of heightened awareness and a sense of urgency to manage this runaway train – now.

  17. […] As we have chronicled in numerous posts, electronic content is growing by leaps and bounds.  How bad?  Check out this video from Jason R. Baron and Ralph Losey (click here).  […]

  18. Gaynor Barrington says:

    I am doing a presentation on ESI (law) and this has been invaluable! Problem is that showing this high impact video leaves me with no input of my own as you leave nothing more to add to the subject.
    No doubt lawyers and others viewing this thought provoking information will leave well informed if not perhaps a tad overwhelmed by what lies ahead in the future. ‘Infinite’ springs to mind…’thank you’ this is excellent!!!

  19. […] Several terabytes?  HA!  Child’s play!!  Yes, the world of “Big Data” as applied to the legal litigation world is enormous as smartly detailed by Ralph Losey and Jason Baron in their YouTube video “Did You Know?” (click here). […]

  20. […] and Blog King Ralph Losey teamed up to create the short embedded video below titled "e-Discovery: Did You Know?" Maximize the video, turn down the lights, and turn up the speakers (music by […]

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