New Video to Introduce the TAR Course

We are continuing to upgrade the e-Discovery Team’s free TAR Course. The latest improvements include the addition of “homework assignments” to the first ten classes. These are challenging and add to the depth of the instruction. The homework includes both supplemental reading suggestions and exercises. We will add homework assignments to the last six classes soon. We also made a few minor revisions and additions to the written materials, but nothing substantial. Periodically we will add some more video content to the TAR Course. We started this weekend by adding a video to the first class:

Here is the list of all sixteen classes in the TAR Course.

  1. First Class: Introduction 
  2. Second Class: TREC Total Recall Track
  3. Third Class: Introduction to the Nine Insights Concerning the Use of Predictive Coding in Legal Document Review
  4. Fourth Class: 1st of the Nine Insights – Active Machine Learning
  5. Fifth Class: Balanced Hybrid and Intelligently Spaced Training
  6. Sixth Class: Concept and Similarity Searches
  7. Seventh Class: Keyword and Linear Review
  8. Eighth Class: GIGO, QC, SME, Method, Software
  9. Ninth Class: Introduction to the Eight-Step Work Flow
  10. Tenth Class: Step One – ESI Communications
  11. Eleventh Class: Step Two – Multimodal ECA
  12. Twelfth Class: Step Three – Random Prevalence
  13. Thirteenth Class: Steps Four, Five and Six – Iterate
  14. Fourteenth Class: Step Seven – ZEN Quality Assurance Tests
  15. Fifteenth Class: Step Eight – Phased Production
  16. Sixteenth Class: Conclusion

Certification is not offered. Maybe someday. We created a test based on our TREC experiments that we may someday roll out.


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